Here’s to the:

  • geometrically challenged dressage riders
  • timid eventers
  • fashion challenged hunters
  • reiners who don’t know counterclockwise from clockwise
  • and the barrel racers who don’t know left from right

May our riding ever be some sort of freaking miracle

unflexible/uncoordinated equitation rider here

Slow and confused jumper rider

I am the slow and confused jumper omg

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Water bucket (n):


an object in which it’s contents are destined to be spilled all over the barn isle and the equestrian whom is carrying it. There is no escaping this destiny, if you’re carrying said object you will become soaking wet

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Horse people are basically like a bunch of overprotective moms who argue about what other people should do with their children and gossip about who’s child is the best.

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Is your favorite youtube channel or website that has training, grooming and care tips, ect.?

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